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Monthly Archives: July 2009

With RSJ‘s Pub Rock Fest just a week away, Grey and Saurian are happy to annouce that EIGHT of our bands will be playing at a total of ELEVEN gigs in the months of August and September!

Chronologically, here’s how it’s going to be:

Scribe – Sunday, August 2 – The Mezz (New Delhi)
Undying Inc – Sunday, August 2 – The Mezz (New Delhi)
The Circus – Wednesday, August 5 – Turquoise Cottage (Gurgaon)
Undying Inc – Friday, August 14 – Chicane (Noida)
Bhayanak Maut – Friday, August 14 – Chicane (Noida) – ALBUM LAUNCH GIG!!
Constellation Project – Wednesday, September 2 – Urban Cafe (Gurgaon)
Undying Inc – Friday, September 4 – Valley View (Manipal)
Prestorika – Wednesday, September 9 – Chicane (Noida)
IIIrd Sovereign – Wednesday, September 9 – Chicane (Noida)
The Circus – Thursday, September 10 – Firangi Pani (Mumbai)
The Circus – Saturday, September 12 – Not Just Jazz By The Bay (Pune)
Acrid Semblance – Sunday, September 13 – Superstars (Noida)
The Circus – Friday, October 9 – Ritz Cineplex (Shimla)
The Circus – Sunday, October 11 – Score (Chandigarh)
Come and watch some of the finest rock and metal bands from the country at the RSJ Pub Rock Fest 2009!

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Grey and Saurian along with Appy Fizz are thrilled to announce the release of Bhayanak Maut‘s brand new, self-titled album! The album was recorded in the months of May and June by Anupam, and promises to be a landmark release in the history of Indian independent music.

The album launch will take place on August 4, 2009 with a gig at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai, with friends Workshop kicking off the event.

The album will be available as a CD and limited edition box set. For additional details contact

The band’s music is also on their MySpace page.

Bhayanak Maut are:

Vinay Venkatesh – Vocals

Sunneith Revankar – Vocals

Aditya Gopinathan – Guitars

R. Venkatraman – Guitars

Vinit Bharucha – Bass

Rahul Hariharan – Drums

Bring your friends and family, and any and everyone else as well!

And don’t forget to visit the Grey and Saurian website!