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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Alongwith an amazing line up of bands like Kryptos, Infernal Wrath, Devoid and AtmosfearThird Sovereign headlines the event  Powerchords on the final day of Visions festival at SIES – Mumbai on the 23rd of December.

Details regarding entry etc will be disclosed soon!!

or you can contact Bhavesh at 9920242979

MyndSnare is playing at the House of Blues, Los Angeles on the 6th of Dec in the evening.

Picked as one of a handful of bands from MI to play there.


Rudra has caught the eye of musicologists in Singapore and an article has been published in the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies quarterly magazine.

Have a look at the abstract by clicking here

You may also view the full article by registering at the site.

Today evening along with the Mumbai’s ambient / extreme metal band Infernal Wrath, Bhayanak Maut and Scribe are playing a FREE show !!!

Venue: Pioneer Hall
Bandra, Near Lilavati hospital at Mumbai.

Event timing – 8:00 PM onwards.

Dont miss this event !! its a part of the Unconvention happning in mumbai.


Hard Rock cafe, Mumbai is going to be hit with the rising avalanche ie Bhayanak Maut on the 24th of November.

Entry for the show is 100 Rs.

Be there to see Bhayanak maut with songs from the new album plus some special ones.

The Circus is playing a very special event at Doon School, Dehradoon on the 27th of Nov. All the people from Dehradoon be there to jump, sing and rock out with The Circus

RUDRA –  ‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’ – a music video directed by
award-winning filmmaker Jacen Tan will premiere at The Substation on
7th Dec 2009, 8pm.

Based on the song’s lyrics and concept, the explosive music video is a
re-imagination of the ancient Sanskrit text ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, one
of the most important philosophical classics of the world.

Shot entirely in front of a green screen, the video with high
production values is set to break the boundaries of Singapore indie
film productions. It interweaves brutal band performances with
storyline battle scenes, created with visual effects compositing and
computer animation.

“It is a dream come true to make this video, which is a great visual
representation of Rudra’s music,” says Kathir, bassist and vocalist of

Rudra is widely known as the founders of a metal genre called ‘Vedic
Metal’. Their unique fusion of Indian traditional music and extreme
metal has won them critical acclaim worldwide. ‘Hymns from the Blazing
Chariot’ is a track taken from their fifth and latest album
‘Brahmavidya: Transcendental I’, which was released in April this

“It took us over a year to produce this video because of the intensive
visual effects,” says director Jacen Tan. “We hope to elevate
Singapore indie music and filmmaking further on the world stage”. The
music video is slated for broadcast and release in Europe and Asia.

Jacen also roped in Indian performance arts groups Apsara Asia and
Maya Dance Theatre to help with the stunt choreography and costume
design. Props and weapons were also specially made for the epic battle

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage will also be shown, and Rudra will
perform a special set after the screening.

Doors open at 8pm at the Substation Theatre.

More details of the premiere are available at

To thank Rudra fans for their years of support, entry is free (pay as
you want) for the event on 7 Dec 2009. Limited seats are available, to
reserve seats email
The Bhagavad Gita is a philosophical dialogue between Prince Arjuna
and his charioteer Krishna which takes place just before the start of
the Kurukshetra War.

Prince Arjuna is reluctant to go into battle as he has to fight his
relatives, beloved friends and revered teachers. In desperation, he
turns to Krishna for advice. Krishna explains to Arjuna his duties as
a warrior and elaborates on different Yogic and Vedantic philosophies.

The Bhagavad Gita uses war as an allegory and is often seen as a
practical, self-contained guide to life.

Rudra, formed in 1992, is one of the leaders in the Asian Metal scene.
Founders of ‘Vedic Metal’, their unique fusion of Indian traditional
music, Vedic philosophy and extreme black/death metal has won them an
underground following worldwide. Based in Singapore, their current
line-up is Kathir (vocals & bass), Devan (guitars), Vinod (guitars)
and Shiva (drums).

‘Hymns from the Blazing Chariot’ is taken from Rudra’s fifth and
latest album “Brahmavidya: Transcendental I”, released in April 2009
by Vic Records (Netherlands) & Trinity Records (Hong Kong).

Jacen Tan was named by The Straits Times Life! as one of Singapore’s
most exciting young filmmakers. In 2005, his debut short film ‘Tak
Giu’ (Kick Ball) became a cult hit and received over 100,000 internet
views. He hasn’t stopped making films since!

Jacen has also shot music videos for popular local bands Lunarin and
Zero Sequence. Watch his films at


Apsara Asia & Maya Dance Theatre

Apsara Asia was established in 2003 as a performing arts and arts
management company. Apsara Asia has established itself as a formidable
force in keeping traditional Asian arts alive through their unique
blend of cross-cultural ethnic fusions and collaborations.


The Substation
45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936


pur printer guy has misplaced the master cd of the black grey and saurian compilation
i just got a call from keshav
tell gucci to reach the venue by 4:00
ayush said 4:30 .. i say 4:00

The Circus and Undying Inc.

live at Mocha Bar, Nehru Place as a part of the Unconvention showcase.

Date – 17th Nov
Time – 8:00 PM onwards
Entry – FREE !
So be there to witness the annihilation !


deccan rock

Do we have to say anything here ?

Just make sure you bring a neck brace to Banglore for the show, cause such a line up will definitely set a pain for lifetime.