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Bhayanak Maut are nominated in most of the categories in the Metal Awards 2010 by Rolling Stone India
Third Sovereign has been nominated in the “Best Metal Song” category.
The complete nominees for the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2010 are:
Best Metal Band
Best Metal Album
Another Vertigo Rush – Murphy’s Law
Bhayanak Maut – Bhayanak Maut
Demonic Resurrection – Return to Darkness
Inner Sanctum – Provenance
Scribe – Mark of Teja
Best Metal Song
Third Sovereign – “Sarcophaga”
Bhayanak Maut – “Ungentle”
Demonic Resurrection – “The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance”
Inner Sanctum – “Quarantine”
Scribe – “DemonPra”
Best Metal Vocalist
Bhayanak Maut – Vinay Venkatesh, Sunnieth Revankar
Blind Image – David Simon
Guillotine– Karan Nambiar
Inner Sanctum – Gaurav Basu
Scribe – Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy
Best Metal Guitarist
Bhayanak Maut – Aditya Gopinathan, R. Venkatraman
Demonic Resurrection – Sahil Makhija
Inner Sanctum – Chintan Chinappa
Scribe – Prashant Shah
Slain– Bryden Lewis
Best Metal Bassist
Infernal Wrath – Vian Fernandez
Inner Sanctum – Abhishek Michael
Scribe – Srinivas Sunderajan
Silver Tears – Biswajit Chakraborty
Slain – Naresh Nathan
Best Metal Drummer
Bhayanak Maut – Rahul Hariharan
Demonic Resurrection – Virendra Kaith
Infernal Wrath – Prashant “JP” Paradkar
Inner Sanctum – Abhinav Yogesh
Slain – Jared Sandhy
You can vote for the following categories on the Rolling Stone Metal Awards official Facebook Profile. Please find the polls on the left hand side of the page –
– Best Metal Band
– Best Metal Album
– Best Metal Song
Polls close on 15th June, 2010. Hurry up, and vote!!!!

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